We are committed to rescuing individuals from human trafficking and slavery. Our goal is to raise 5 million dollars in 2017 to see girls and boys restored, homes built, and lives changed. Join us in this effort now, every purchase contributes to our goal.

MORE chose Unlikely Heroes for their mission to Rescue, Restore, and Educate children trapped in cruel and violent conditions of slavery. Unlikely Heroes has 5 homes for children rescued: one in the Philippines, one in Thailand, two in Mexico, and one in the US. Every home provides safe housing, education, medical care, life skills, and lots of love to every rescued child. Unlikely Heroes has educated more than 20,000 people, and rescued more than 275 people out of slavery. Each of the lives saved is a reminder of Unlikely Heroes’ purpose: they illustrate the power of holding tremendous spirit, unstoppable passion for others, and an inability to leave another child in the condition they’ve escaped.



Unlikely Heroes teams are on the ground in high-risk areas working to rescue kids out of sex slavery in the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, & the United States.


Unlikely Heroes operates restoration homes that provide: housing, safety, food, medical care, education, life skills and therapy to rescue children.


Through awareness and prevention campaigns, Unlikely Heroes teams have educated over 20,000 people on the issue of human trafficking and how to respond.